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November 26, 2017
Name of Company Spectrum IT Solutions Limited
Year Established 29-10-2015
Type of Business Private Limited Company
Business Function Website Design and Software Development & Biometric Development Company
Founders Md. Abdullah Al Mamun
Office Address Dhaka D1, House #10, Road #10, Nikunja #2, Khilkhet 1229, Dhaka
Office Address Chittagong Dudu Plasio ( Ground Floor ), 1059 O.R Nizam Road, GOlpahar Circle, Panchlaish, Chittagong
Total Employees 10 (Ten)
Departments Software Development Team

Website Development Team

Business Development Team

Digital Marketing Team


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Skype Address sislbd
Company Phone (+88) 01775012358
Company Hotline Information: (+88) 01935 500 900

Sales: (+88) 01775 012 358

Support: (+88) 01775 012 358

Areas of Expertise Website development, Software development, Email marketing, SMS marketing, Graphics design
Market Coverage Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia
Logo Spectrum Logo
Motto Born To Offer You the Best
Vision Is to empower dynamic organisations to embrace change simply, quickly and cost-effectively, through our innovative products and services.

Is to deliver and support adaptable business software and provide value-adding services in our markets that help organisations to manage their dynamic business needs effectively.

Bank Information Name of Bank : City Bank

Address of Bank : O.R Nizam Road, Chittagong

Account No : 1401722076001

Account Name : Spectrum IT Solutions LTD