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Integrate Google Map into a CMS page of Magento

1) Go to the

2) Search your desired Location

3) Click the Link Button Beside the My Places Button

4) Copy The Paste Html to embed in website data from the input box

5) Create a file in the magento root directory

6) I have named it map.html

7) Paste the copied data in the map.html file

8) Save the map.html file

9) As i wanted to show the map in the about-us page (CMS Page)

10) I have opened the about-us page from magento admin panel

11) From the page information open the content tab and click the html view of the content

12) Call the map.html file as like as below

13) By writing the code iframe src=”/map.html” height=”400″ width=”620″

15) and save it !!!!!!

Then browse the about-us page and get you map